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At the risk of breaking the prime directive of maintaining a serene level of boredom on this web site it has been suggested that there should be a page indicating if anything ever gets added, or removed or of any other event that breaches normal boredom levels. This is where such events will appear, those with a weak constitution may wish never to visit this page again.    
January 2024 Sorted a few bits of the web site that have been broken for a while, such as the time lapse and the other weather stations page.
December 2023 The Neilston Webcam 2024 Calendar is now available for download.
November 2023 Your humble WebMaster retires, whoopeee!  
February 2022 The Live weather option is hopefully working again after a problem has been sorted.  
More pesky Covid, oh and a year closer to retirement!
Nothing much happened, apart from Covid 19.
February 2019 A new video album has been added to the photogallery. This will show short video clips taken by a new MeteorCam which watches the night sky looking for Meteors. I have also converted the existing video in the gallery to MP4 so it will play in modern browsers.
January 2019 The Birdbath Camera has been updated to a new HD camera that gives much better picture quality. For a higher video frame rate use the Live Stream option on the Birdbath page (requires HTML5 compatible Browser). There is also an archive of still images taken in the last 48hrs when movement is detected.
Nothing much happened, other than the bins being emptied
November 2016 The Birdbath camera has been updated to new capture card due to a Windows 10 update breaking the USB drivers for the old capture device, thanks a lot Microsoft!
March 2015

The weather station solar radiation detector records the partial Solar Eclipse on 20th March. The dip at the arrow shows the sun light level falling and rising before and after the eclipse with the peak around 9:30am

January 2015 Over the Christmas period the website has been migrated over to a new server with much more room for the photogallery, there is now about 40Gb of space to fill, I hope it lasts a while.
August 2014 The Birdbath Cam is once again working properly including giving a picture at night, watch out for the mice and cats!
December 2013 On the 5th of December the Neilston Webcam Weather Station recorded a gust of 52mph, beating the previous all time high of January 2012 by 1mph.
August 2013
Rumours that the reason the birdbath is no longer illuminated at night is because I haven't paid my electricity bill are completely unfounded.

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